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As a collector of antiquarian books, maps, photographs, documents and other old ‘collectables’ for almost 40 years the ‘rights’ of Olde Ireland / Éire Ársa’s promoters to manufacture / reproduce its ‘historical’ / ‘heritage’ products is based on their own collections, on their own designs/creations (of additional products based on the above old collections) and/or on documented and verifiable agreements it has concluded with a  number of other antiquarian, research and/or other businesses, organisations and entities.

Given that part of Olde Ireland / Éire Ársa’s business and operational codes is ‘respecting other’s copyright’ but given that most old ‘originals’ (books, maps etc) of c. 90 years old and upwards are ‘out of copyright’ anyone that purchases Olde Ireland / Éire Ársa’s items or products can be satisfied they are receiving ‘copyright compliant’ ones. In addition, all materials/sources owned by other parties and used by Olde Ireland / Éire Ársa, either given ‘free’ or obtained under license agreement, are acknowledged as such.

Also as a designer and creator of our own new products, we request clients to respect our copyright entitlement to all our products. This generally means that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may any person or other entity reproduce and/or trade any of Olde Ireland / Éire Ársa’s products for commercial or material gain without the express written permission of Olde Ireland / Éire Ársa.

However, we are quite happy to make most of our own creations, designs etc. available to people involved in (strictly non-commercial) research, community related projects, educational, charity and/or for other such non-profit organisations. For any/all of the above we would greatly appreciate a ‘credit’ acknowledgement (such as ‘courtesy of Olde Ireland / Éire Ársa) or a website ‘link back’ to

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