Historic Towns of Ireland

Established in 1955 the International Commission for the History of Towns proposed the idea of publishing ‘European Historic Towns Atlases’. In a spirit of reconciliation in the aftermath of the devastating destruction of WW2 and with the aim of encouraging better understanding of common European roots (by facilitating comparative studies of the topography of pre-modern towns in Europe) the idea was to research and publish ‘the history of old European cities and towns’. To date this project has seen almost 500 cities and towns in 18 European countries completed.

Joining in 1981 when the ‘Irish Historic Towns Atlas’ project was established and now under the expert guidance of the ‘Royal Irish Academy’, Ireland will eventually have approx. 50 ‘historic’ cities and towns included in this project – each will include each and every map published for that specific city or town…plus a comprehensive history of that city/town. Presently over 20 towns have been completed, c. 20 more are in preparation and c. 10 others are ‘under consideration – see list of completed ones below.

Steeped in history but practically unaffected by the ravages of WW2 Ireland has more than its share of ‘historic cities/towns’, many tracing their origins back hundreds of years…and some over 1000 years.

Now, reproduced by special license, EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE can obtain copies of any map of these historic towns from ‘Olde Ireland’. Reproduced in a way that will never tear, fade or disappear…permanently laser engraved (permanently burnt) into the surface of solid materials like granite, marble, slate, tile, hardwoods, glass/mirror, stainless steel, anodised aluminium, cork tile and numerous other materials, all of them can be reproduced in whole or in ’tile format’ – - -the latter to any size desired.

If you would like an engraving of one of Ireland’s historic towns that will be ‘an everlasting heritage piece’ please contact us.

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