Old Irish Writers and Poets

From its ancient times identity of ‘the island of saints and scholars’ Ireland’s literary and poetic prowess has been unique amongst the nations of the world – producing far more than its share of literary geniuses…a tradition and record that thankfully is still carried on today. Throughout the centuries each Irish generation has given us men and women of renown writing, poetic and playwright skill and ability that has not only inspired many but has also greatly enhanced our unique Irish cultural heritage and identity. People like Swift, Goldsmith, Merriman, Raftery, Moore, Synge, Wilde, Davis, Yeats, Shaw, Joyce, St. John Gogarty, Lady Gregory, O’Casey, Pearse, Plunkett, Kavanagh, Beckett, McGill – - – and countless others have left their mark…and their ‘gifts’ for following generations to enjoy and appreciate.

In celebrating and remembering these ‘Old Irish Writers, Poets and Playwrights, Irish men and Irish women who have given us so much to appreciate and be proud of, Olde Ireland produces a unique range of their images – laser engraved (permanently burnt into) on a range of old materials such as granite, marble, slate, hardwoods, glass/mirror, anodised aluminium, stainless steel, cork tiles – or onto numerous other solid materials.

Completed with accompanied and accurately researched ‘historic profiles’ all Olde Ireland’s engravings in this range are designed not only to last ‘this generation’ but to last for many generations, even centuries, to come…so that they, as heirlooms, may be passed onto future generations.

For further information on Ireland’s Writers and Poets, please contact us.

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