Old Maps of Ireland

Between 1829 and 1843 and again between c. 1890 and 1914, under British rule and under the leadership of the Irish Ordnance Survey Office with its H.Q. in Dublin’s Phoenix Park, the entire Island of Ireland was surveyed and mapped to the finest detail – in both 6″ and 25″ scale every mountain, lake, river, field, town, village, street, road – even every house and shed…can be clearly seen and identified. Of enormous interest to historians, genealogists, family history enthusiasts and everyone with an interest in their own ‘local’ area these maps graphically show what Ireland was like in our fore fathers time…between 100 and 170 years ago.

Now, reproduced by special O.S. license, EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE can obtain a copy of their own local area as it used to be from ‘Olde Ireland’ – be it a map of their county, parish, town, village and/or townland – reproduced in a  way that will never tear, fade or disappear…permanently laser engraved (permanently burnt into!) the surface of solid materials like granite, marble, slate, tile, hardwoods, glass/mirror, stainless steel, anodised aluminium, cork tile and numerous other materials. All the above can be reproduced in whole or in ’tile format’ – in the latter to any size desired.

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